random variable

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ran·dom var·i·a·ble

a variable that may assume a set of values, each with fixed probabilities or probability densities (its distribution), in such a way that the total probability assigned to the distribution is unity; the random variable may be discrete, continuous, or mixed discrete-continuous.


unplanned, without direction or purpose.

random assignment
random mating
where each member of the population has an equal opportunity of mating with every member of the opposite sex.
random numbers
a list of numbers obtained by a standard randomization procedure; used commonly to select individual animals from a pack.
random sample
see random sample.
random sampling
a procedure for selecting units from a group in such a way that each unit has an equal chance of being selected in the sample.
random selection
selection in such a way as to produce a random sample.
random variable
a group or quantity that takes various values, each with varying probabilities.
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RJG notes that the system can calculate CPK, PPK, and other statistical variables.
To this end, the Commission proposes individual and specific statistical actions (for example: drawing up new statistical variables to be produced on a permanent basis; improving and updating existing standards and manuals concerning concepts and methods, and improving the quality of data, notably with regard to its comparability and pertinence).

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