statistical model

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sta·tis·ti·cal mod·el

a formal representation for a class of processes that allows a means of analyzing results from experimental studies, such as the Poisson model or the general linear model; it need not propose a process literally interpretable in the context of the individual case.
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M2 EQUITYBITES-January 24, 2018-Barclays appoints head of statistical modelling and development, equities
Global Banking News-January 23, 2018--Barclays names head of Statistical Modelling and Development, Equities
They used accurate measurements of GFR to provide a gold standard and then statistical modelling methods to find the best mathematical model to estimate GFR.
True digital control; statistical modelling and non-minimal state space design.
The results of the presented framework indicate that the framework and statistical modelling of topology is a promising and general tool for constructing robust supervising models, by which a number of generic models can be connected.
This is the major focus of the statistical modelling work at the Reserve Bank.
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The product is designed for statisticians, business analysts and scientists and is claimed to enable prototyping, testing and deployment of analytics much faster than with alternative statistical modelling environments.
An alternative to the statistical modelling is the neural network modelling (Popescu et al, 2007).

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