statistical model

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sta·tis·ti·cal mod·el

a formal representation for a class of processes that allows a means of analyzing results from experimental studies, such as the Poisson model or the general linear model; it need not propose a process literally interpretable in the context of the individual case.
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Among his topics are foundations of statistical modeling demonstrated with simple regression, interactions in multiple regression: models for moderation, using multiple regression to model mediation and other indirect effects, basic matrix algebra for statistical modeling, structural equation modeling: latent variable models.
Cafaro, "Local softening of information geometric indicators of chaos in statistical modeling in the presence of quantum-like considerations," Entropy.
Statistical modeling with those results was used to generate an estimate of the number of flu-associated respiratory deaths worldwide.
It explains basic statistical concepts, the principles of statistical modeling, the linear regression model, the different types of covariates that may arise and their preliminary screening using graphical techniques, multiple linear regression, logistic regression, Poisson regression analysis, time-to-event regression, building a parsimonious regression model, studies that involve repeated measures, the use of regression trees to identify homogenous subgroups, and model structure, multi-level models, and fractional polynomials.
When it comes to evaluating a request for additional credit or monitoring existing limits, companies are quickly adopting the use of statistical modeling of customer payment behavior over traditional judgmental-based scoring with bureau data.
This paper asks how doctoral students understand the use of race variables in statistical modeling. More specifically, it examines how doctoral students at two universities are trained to define, operationalize, and analyze race variables.
Segmenting articulated structures by hierarchical statistical modeling of shape, appearance, and topology.
Prior to coming to PSC, Wycoff owned a research firm specializing in services to educational institutions and advanced statistical modeling. His previous experience also includes research manager at the University of Washington, and research manager for Cohesion, Inc.
Super Crunchers begins with an entertaining introduction to statistical modeling through a series of memorable examples.

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