inferential statistics

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in·fer·en·tial sta·tis·tics

statistics from which an inference is made about the nature of a population; the purpose is to generalize about the population, based on data from the sample selected from the population.

inferential statistics

see inferential statistics.
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To avoid these erroneous interpretations, Wilkinson and the Task Force on Statistical Inference (1999) and the American Psychological Association manuals (APA, 2001, 2010) recommend accompanying p values with estimators of the effect size and its confidence intervals (CIs).
Distinguishing between statistical significance and practical/clinical meaningfulness using statistical inference.
The role of context in developing reasoning about informal statistical inference.
This need for better ways to teach and learn statistical inference at the graduate level is also confirmed by Reston who found out that graduate student's prior knowledge in statistics was relatively substantial in descriptive statistics but very minimal in inferential procedures commonly used in research.
Even if the focus of the study is not on the psychometrics of the instrument, authors are encouraged to provide internal reliability coefficients for all instruments, using the data collected in the current study, because this contributes to the existing body of psychometric research about the instruments and is important information for future researchers (Wilkinson & the Task Force on Statistical Inference, 1999).
1988 Statistical Inference for Spatial Processes (New York: Cambridge University Press)
0 also builds on the classification and statistical inference and prediction tools in the Statistics Toolbox by providing several new classification functions and tools for identification of discriminating features, and visualisation of complex data is enhanced with new graph-viewing functions and manipulation tools that display interaction maps, hierarchy plots, and pathways.
They increase the efficiency of statistical inference, which may become an issue in claims data when analyzing small population subgroups or when comorbidities are modeled as time-varying covariates in longitudinal studies.
The American Statistical Association, 1999; Wilkinson & the Task Force on Statistical Inference, 1999) currently prevail, coupled with the fact that our knowledge base in the areas of quantitative-based methodology has rapidly expanded in recent years, there is more necessity for students, particularly at the doctoral level, to take more research methods and statistics courses.
Statistical inference is concerned with the problem of 'drawing conclusions about a population on the basis of measurements or observations made on a sample of individuals from the population' (Everitt 1998, p.
Books like Greene and d'Oliveira's have caused psychologists to misunderstand the nature of statistical inference.
The purpose of this text is to provide an introduction to statistical inference in agriculture and the life sciences.

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