statistical error

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statistical error

difference between a computed/measured value and the true/correct value
  • type I error false-positive; incorrect rejection of the null hypothesis, i.e. acceptance of alternative hypotheses when differences noted have occurred by chance, and are not due to experiment

  • type II error false-negative; failure to reject the null hypothesis when the alternative hypothesis is the true natural state, i.e. failure to note a statistical difference

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1)-(31) are compared with the monthly average daily measured global solar radiation values, and the statistical errors named RMSE, MAPE, MABE, r, and [R.
Total 342 articles were assessed for statistical errors submitted to PAFMJ in the last five years from 2010 to 2014.
Considering the impact of frequency offset and asynchronous sampling, the maximum, minimum and mean statistical error among 100 tests of the error estimation under different frequency (49 Hz, 50 Hz and 51 Hz) and different output [DELTA][phi] of BHE (0, 2'12", 5'33"and 16'39") are listed in Table II.
The statistical errors Ejtshould sum up to zero in the clean period.
This results in the much higher statistical error as seen in Figure 4.
The more fundamental problem with profiling is statistical error.
Haynes and Stone note in their research that the 52 to 48 margin in favor of Obama falls within the four-point range of statistical error.
SEVERAL TV stations have lost thousands of euro in revenue due to a statistical error, it was claimed yesterday.
The ratings of other broadcasters are so low they are symbolic--some of them even on the level of statistical error.
Allow a wider-than-usual range for statistical error on test scores as well as the total percentage of proficient students (meaning many scores are not counted);

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