Statistical Victim

A person whose death is not preventable, because he or she is one of many people with whom a person or group of persons cannot identify or 'personalise' and help
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"Good training, policies and custody practices for police forces are imperative to ensure vulnerable individuals receive the best possible care and do not become another statistical victim."
Though the particular innocent litigant may be "concrete," the statistical victims of inadequate trials are equally real and likely to be far more numerous.
Authors of a 1997 study posed various theories in an effort to explain the "Identifiable Victim Effect," a phenomenon in which a person predictably feels more empathy and a greater willingness to act to rectify the circumstances of victims who are known to the person than for unidentified or statistical victims. (102) These theories included vividness of identifiable victims, the proportion-of-the-reference group effect, the ex post-ex ante distinction, and the distinction between certainty and uncertainty.

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