State Terrorism

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(1) Terrorism carried out or sponsored by a government, which involves deliberate attacks on civilians, for the purpose of attaining a political or religious goal
(2) Acts of violence committed by an official state, military or sponsored by a sovereign government outside of the context of a declared war, which target civilians or show a disregard for civilian life in attacking targets—either people or facilities
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Section 18(3) of the Oyo state Violence Against Women Law provides that if you aid or abet anyone in deserting his spouse, you have committed an offence.
This established framework that focuses on "managing and disciplining 'dangerous' bodies in the name of public protection" (60) serves to "normalise and rationalise forms of state violence that could be otherwise presented as excessive or exceptional" (56).
Ashleigh Harris (44) rightly explains that the moralising discourses of dirt should be "read as a palimpsest, superimposed onto colonial and Afrocentric discourses of cleanliness and dirt, and as such, neither unexpected nor new, but rather, eerily predictable in their entanglement with the violent and exclusionary discourses of nationalist politics in Zimbabwe." Harris implies in this instance that post-independent state violence is predicated upon the violence of colonial Rhodesian state perpetrated acts of violence.
The state violence perpetrated by the West Pakistani authorities never stopped and reached its height during the movement; in 1962 for education rights, the 1966 movement of self-rule, the upsurge against military rule in 1969 and the Liberation War in 1971.
'In a context of extreme state violence and suppression of civil liberties, workers and trade unionists in the Philippines faced threats and intimidation,' ICUP said.
There are still grieving families who lost their loved ones and have lived their entire lives in pain due to state violence. Although it is too late, Chun should cooperate with the fact-finding efforts.
What role do toxic cultural constructions and notions about Black femininity and respectability play in state violence against Black women?
It draws parallels between the experiences of the Black community and the Palestinian community, highlighting the impact of racism, state violence, and mass incarceration on both peoples.
One obvious reason which Israel has perpetrated is the juxtaposition of survival due to extreme poverty and lack of basic necessities, and the struggle against several forms of state violence. It also refutes the fact that most Palestinians, unlike the leadership of the Palestinian Authority, do not want to live under colonial rule.
The former SNP chief faced accusations of hypocrisy for using the show to condemn state violence by Spanish authorities in Catalonia while saying nothing about Russian state brutality.
In A Nervous State, the picture painted is one of horrendous state violence and its long-lasting legacies.
Exploring a totally different situation--the conversion of 1920s-1930s Mongolia from a Tibetan Buddhist theocracy to a Soviet-influenced socialist state--Christopher Kaplonski refines the philosophers' conception of state violence to fit more universal patterns of governmentality.
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