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32nd state admitted to the Union in 1858.
Minnesota Mechanical Ability Test - test developed in the 1920s at the University of Minnesota; subject is required to reassemble a mechanical object from its disassembled parts. Synonym(s): Heidbreder test
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com and 1-855-9-IPAY-MN, taxpayers can make secure payments for the following State of Minnesota taxes or debts:
Following a competitive bid process, the State of Minnesota selected MAXIMUS as the prime contractor to design and develop the Minnesota health insurance exchange.
We have already experienced success with three Anheuser-Busch distributors in the Minneapolis area and with these additional distributors we will further our market penetration in the state of Minnesota.
News America has entered a Consent Decree with the State of Minnesota under which it agrees: (1) not to make any representations to any Consumer Packaged Goods manufacturer or other customer or potential customer regarding Insignia's compliance rates prior to a specified date; (2) not to disparage any of its competitors; and (3) not to violate Minnesota's statutes prohibiting commercial disparagement.
obligate the State of Minnesota, MnSCU, or MnSCU institutions.
Founded in 2005, Treasured Chests is a non-profit organization dedicated to increasing awareness of breast cancer and raising funds to advance research, prevention, treatment and care within the state of Minnesota.
The Medica Foundation also funded an additional $250,900 in general health improvement grants and projects throughout the state of Minnesota.
Enacting this law costs the state of Minnesota nothing and in fact, allows the state to access $15 million dollars in federal funds.
It is the second largest power supplier in the state of Minnesota, and the fourth largest cooperative of its type in the nation.
Minnesota Office of Higher Education (MOHE), as successor to the Minnesota Higher Education Coordinating Board, is an executive branch agency of the State of Minnesota responsible for the coordination and administration of higher education programs among the various public and private institutions in the state.
NEW YORK -- Fitch assigns an underlying 'AA-' rating to $35 million State of Minnesota 911 Revenue Bonds (bonds), series 2006.