State Nurses Association

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State Nurses Association (SNA)

an association of nurses at the state level. The various State Nurses Associations are constituent units of the American Nurses Association.

State Nurs·es As·so·ci·a·tion

(SNA) (stāt nŭrs'ĕz ă-sō'sē-ā'shŭn)
An organization of the registered nurses within a state; each is a constituent of the national organization, the American Nurses Association.
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When new bills are proposed, the Public Policy platform is our guidepost for the position of the Indiana State Nurses Association.
The Indiana State Nurses Association (ISNA) has long been supportive of and involved in continuing nursing education (CNE) Indiana was one of the first states in the nation to develop and implement a process to ensure that continuing nursing education activities meet high educational standards A statewide plan for CNE in Indiana was developed in 1972-1973 and implemented during 1973-76 through a grant from the W K Kellogg Foundation Effective January 1, 1977, the Indiana Statewide Program for Continuing Education in Nursing (ISPCEN) officially became a part of the Association ISNA has been continuously accredited as an approver of continuing nursing education since 1977
When you have completed all of the information, return the following to the Indiana State Nurses Association, 2915 N.
The additional new ANA donation of $192,000 will be disbursed according to the plan established previously by ANF for disbursements from its fund: $86,400 (or 45 percent) each to the state nurses organizations in Louisiana and Mississippi and $19,200 (or 10 percent) to the state nurses association in Alabama.
The Indiana State Nurses Association encourages submissions of articles and photos for publication in ISNA Bulletin.
An official publication of the Indiana State Nurses Association Inc.
That the Indiana State Nurses Association condemns acts of violence toward nurses in all environments in which nurses practice; and, that the Indiana State Nurses Association continues to support the Indiana State Department of Health, that requires agencies to adopt policies and procedures to reduce the risk of injury and violence to nurses, which may include establishing a security policy intended to prevent acts of workplace violence toward nurses.

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