Starr, Albert

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Albert, U.S. physician, 1926–.
Starr ball heart prosthesis
Starr ball heart valve
Starr fixation forceps
Starr forceps
Starr valve - Synonym(s): Starr-Edwards valve
Starr-Edwards aortic valve prosthesis
Starr-Edwards ball valve prosthesis
Starr-Edwards ball-cage valve
Starr-Edwards disk valve prosthesis
Starr-Edwards heart valve
Starr-Edwards mitral prosthesis
Starr-Edwards pacemaker
Starr-Edwards prosthesis
Starr-Edwards prosthetic aortic valve
Starr-Edwards prosthetic mitral valve
Starr-Edwards Silastic valve
Starr-Edwards silicone rubber ball valve
Starr-Edwards valve - a cage and ball artificial cardiac valve with high reliability and durability, first used to replace the mitral valve. Synonym(s): Starr valve
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