Karl, German ophthalmologist, 1875-1927. See: Stargardt disease.
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Fourteen-year-old Abby, who suffers from Stargardt disease, a condition that leads to progressive vision deterioration, previously finished sixth in the Paralympics.
M2 PHARMA-October 30, 2017-FDA Grants Lin BioScience Orphan Drug Status for LBS-008 for Treatment of Stargardt Disease
Will and his mother, Laura Kent, talk with OT about Stargardt disease and their hopes for the future
Stargardt conveys a mass of detail, but in jumping from topic to topic and individual to individual, his attempt to integrate personal stories into the larger history leaves a sense of disjointedness.
The company is also planning to initiate a clinical trial evaluating emixustat in patients with Stargardt disease by early 2017.
3) Janice Stargardt, The Ancient Pyu of Burma, vol.
The German War: A Nation under Arms, 1939-1945, Citizens and Soldiers by Nicholas Stargardt, Basic Books, 720 pages, $35
2015) Early-onset stargardt disease: Phenotypics and genotypic characteristics.
Kathy Beitz, from Ontario, Canada, was diagnosed with Stargardt disease when she was 11, which left her legally blind from childhood, but new technology called eSight has allowed her to see again.
The discovery could also help children with Stargardt disease, the main cause of blindness in the young.
She was diagnosed with Stargardt disease, which affects one in 10,000 young people.