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(bôr′ĭj, bŏr′-)
An annual bristly herb (Borago officinalis) native to the Mediterranean region, having blue or purplish star-shaped flowers, edible leaves and stems, and seeds containing oil used as a dietary supplement.


Herbal medicine
A mucilaginous annual herb, which contains essential oils, mucilage, pyrrolizidine alkaloids and tanning, and is antipyretic, a mucilage and demulcent. Borage is used by naturopaths to regulate metabolism and hormones, and is believed to be useful for gynaecologic problems including PMS/PMT and menopause.

May be harmful in large doses, given its known liver toxicity; carcinogenic potential.

A floral essence said to provide buoyant courage and optimism.


A herbal prepared from the plant parts and seeds of Borago officinalis. Value as antiinflammatory and tonic. Clinically studied for its value in dermatology; possible use in hepatic and GI disorders. Plant contains toxic pyrrolizidine alkaloids.
Synonym(s): beebread, ox's tongue, starflower.
[L.L. burrago, fr. burra, shaggy cloth]
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Starflower oil is similar in action to evening primrose oil, and has anti-inflammatory actions specific for skin problems.
Researchers have found that starflower oil has led to reductions in skin inflammation, dryness, scaliness, and itch in eczema patients.
And then there's anti-oxidants, on their own or combined, individual minerals, starflower oil, Ginseng, Royal Jelly and dozens more.
Take starflower oil supplements until you sort out your diet.
Buy 50 mls of a pure Starflower oil (available from most health food shops) and add five drops of peppermint essential oil and 10 drops of German chamomile oil.
We've teamed up with Seven Seas to offer 500 lucky readers the chance to receive a month's supply of Seven Seas Evening Primrose Oil Plus Starflower Oil capsules worth pounds 5.99.
EVENING PRIMROSE OIL, STARFLOWER OIL and BLACKCURRANT OIL all contain GLA, a rich source of long-chain fatty acids linked to prostaglandins - the hormonal substances which are present in the uterus and control muscle cramps.
SEVEN SEAS Evening Primrose Oil plus Starflower Oil can counteract symptoms of PMS, menopause and skin problems.
Soothing Cream - wonderful for dry baby skin and also doubles up as a great nappy cream, containing chickweed and chamomile with pure starflower oil to moisturise and soothe, 60ml pounds 5.55.
Try using 50mls of Starflower oil and mix it with 100mls of Napiers No2 scalp lotion.
Taking 3,000mg of starflower oil for one month, then cutting back to 1,000mg, will help balance her hormones, and 200mcg (micrograms) of selenium will nourish her skin.