A “visionary tool” once claimed to be of use in balancing of the chakras (energy centres). It was said to filter, focus and amplify the living energy of any object.
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The Star Chamber's jurisdiction to try offenders extended only to misdemeanors, and a portion of this jurisdiction was authorized by the 1487 statute entitled: An Act Giving the Court of Starchamber Authority to Punish Divers Misdemeanors.
(135) Hawley's commonplace book includes a version of Otis's argument in the Writs of Assistance case in which Otis implores the court to "tear into rags this remnant of Starchamber tyranny." (136) Other accounts of the argument do not include this phrase, but identical language appears in Serjeant Glynn's argument in Entick.
Certainly, 'Starchamber' as a single word looks improbable, and the OED's support is perhaps better than nothing, though a subsequent example, 'Steamengine', makes one wonder.