Herman F., German biologist, 1808-1883. See: Stannius ligature.
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Structure and behaviour of the corpuscles of Stannius, the ultimobranchial gland and the prolactin cells in response to prolactin induced hypercalcemia in male catfish Clatias batrachus (L.).
We euthanized all remaining fish to assess the following tissues by histopathology: bone (vertebra), brain, chromaffin tissue, corpuscle of Stannius, esophagus, eye, gallbladder, gill, heart, hematopoietic tissue, interrenal tissue, intestine, kidney, liver, nares, ovary, pancreas, peripheral nerve, pineal organ, pituitary gland, pseudobranch, skeletal muscle, skin, spinal cord, spleen, stato-acoustic organ, swim bladder, testis, thymus, thyroid tissue, urinary bladder, and gross lesions.