Stanley, Edward


Edward, English surgeon, 1793-1862.
Stanley cervical ligaments - fibers of the capsule of the hip joint reflected onto the neck of the femur.
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Wife of the late Thomas, beloved Daughter of the late Archibald and Alice, loving sister to Stanley, Edward, Charles and Allan, Aunt and Great Aunt.
Her sisters were Sophie Rascoe, Lottie Burke, Helen Chartier and her brothers were Stanley, Edward and Anthony Zacek.
At the stockbroker Charles Stanley, Edward Menashy, chief economist, was more cautious.
Co-producers, Tracee Stanley, Edward Bunker, Danny Trejo.
Helen was predeceased by four brothers, Stanley, Edward, Peter, and William Choruzek, as well as a sister, Jane Markman.
Jablonski in 2006, a sister, Sophie Czermak, and four brothers, Stanley, Edward, William and Eugene Jablonski.