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American University where the test was revised for use in the U.S.
Stanford-Binet intelligence scale - a standardized test for the measurement of intelligence. Synonym(s): Binet test
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When it comes to cavernous Stanford Stadium, success has been fleeting for the Bruins, who lost their past three games on the Farm, including a painful 10-point loss in 2001 when UCLA was ranked fourth in the nation.
Stanford RI "fellows" wrote a letter to the editor of the New York Times in response to an anti-green editorial by Nicholas D.
As the years passed, Stanford became fanatical about the neoclassical style as the only appropriate one for public buildings, maintaining, for example, that all the Gothic buildings at West Point--West Point is almost entirely Gothic--ought to be torn down and replaced by classical structures.
Field observations of Gombe chimps conducted from 1982 through 1991 have generated the largest record of primate hunting to date, Stanford notes.
Following her greeting, Stanford President John Hennessy, PhD, will introduce Weissman.
Not so fast, said Stanford, a 22-point underdog but confident behind a quarterback who had put up Leinart-like numbers against San Jose State and BYU.
The funded Stanford projects will investigate wide-ranging aspects of embryonic stem cell biology, from better understanding the cells to developing new therapies.
The Trojans are one game behind co-leaders Stanford (15-3, 8-1) and Arizona (16-4, 8-1) and one game ahead of fourth-place Arizona State (12-6, 6-3).
He and his colleagues at the National Institutes of Health are now collecting tissue samples for analysis from patients with latent tuberculosis in Korea, and hope to expand this effort to include Stanford Hospital as well as other sites in California and in Russia.
If Stanford and USC meet again, it will be in the NCAA Tournament.
Reijo Pera, 47, is joining Stanford from the University of California-San Francisco, where she was co-director of the human embryonic stem cell research center and director of the training program funded through the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine.