Standard Gamble

A manoeuvre that allows incorporation of patient preferences into the medical decision-making process.
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For example, using the standard gamble method, the patient is asked to choose, within a hypothetical scenario, between living the rest of his/her life in the health state that is being evaluated or playing a gamble which could result in complete recovery with probability p or sudden, painless death with probability 1 - p.
In those cases, UCs are obtained by a model previously assessed by fitting the questionnaire scores on standard gamble or time tradeoff UCs collected in the same sample of patients.
Then, using a sample of the general public who ranked and valued a subset of the possible health states via a standard gamble technique, it is possible to compute a preference-weighted value for each of the possible states [11].
SF-6D health states were computed from the SF-36 and given preference weights based on a Bayesian modeling of a prior standard gamble valuation, as previously described [11].
Basicamente existem tres tecnicas mais utilizadas para a medida direta de preferencias: o standard gamble (SG) ou escolha pela chance, o time trade-off (TTO) ou escolha pelo tempo e a escala visual analogica (EVA).
Measuring Health State Preferences and Utilities: Rating Scale, Time TradeOff, and Standard Gamble Techniques.
The preference scoring procedures included simple ranking, rating scale, and standard gamble, in this order.
The simple rank order of health states was used as a validity check for the rating scale and standard gamble ratings.
"Close enough" is not a statistical term like the "intersection of events" or the "goodness-of-fit test" (two unlikely sounding statistical terms); nor is it a genuine epidemiological term like the "standard gamble" or "McNemar's test for dependent proportions" (try dropping either of those two at the next cocktail party).
The primary outcome measures for each scenario were utilities (quantified preferences for specific health states) measured by the Standard Gamble.
These were assessed by the standard gamble (SG) method, described in more detail below.
This section reviews the methods for converting functional loss to utility loss.(3) Most authors claim the theoretically purest approach is a standard gamble technique.

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