Stamey, Thomas Alexander

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Thomas Alexander, U.S. urologist, 1928–.
Stamey procedure - retropubic urethropexy using needle suspension in stress incontinence.
Stamey needle
Stamey test - measure of unilateral urine volume and para-aminohippurate concentration when assessing kidney.
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The ends of the graft sling suture (often referred to as arms or tails) are passed upward through the retropubic space using the eyelets of the Stamey needle or the clamp.
With the bladder completely drained, Stamey needles (or a larger instrument, such as a Sarot, long tonsil clamp, or Kelly) are passed through the fascia on each side, approximately 1 cm above the pubic symphysis and approximately 2-3 cm lateral to the midline on each side (Fig.
Stamey Needle 16cm 15 deg double prong of high quality surgical grade Stainless steel.
Pass Stamey needles or long clamps through the retropubic space from the open abdominal wound immediately posterior to the pubic bone, approximately 4 cm apart.