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A persistent decline in performance due to high-volume, high-intensity training (over-training), which affects up to 2/3 of elite long-distance runners at some point in their careers Features Sleep disturbances; muscle soreness, perceptual changes—familiar routines seem more difficult—clinically significant depression

o·ver·train·ing syn·drome

(ō'vĕr-trān'ing sin'drōm)
A group of symptoms resulting from excessive physical training; includes fatigue, poor exercise performance, frequent upper-respiratory tract infections, altered mood, general malaise, weight loss, muscle stiffness and soreness, and loss of interest in high-level training.
Synonym(s): burnout, staleness.
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GASTRONOMIC Groundhog Day as monotonous Master-Chef served us 60 minutes of same-again staleness on Tuesday.
You must realise that it is never easy to go 'over the top' in training with staleness resulting.
Fast, effective and affordable, Reviver instantly removes lingering odors from smoke, food or pets--even staleness from the gym, commute or workplace.
And the staleness of the concept was only underscored on Wednesday morning when the magazine (http://www.
28, a state of staleness had evolved between the army and the people," which, according to him, was detrimental because the army is "the safety valve that keeps the country together.
8220;There is a staleness and confusion for a lot of real estate professionals on their plan of attack,” he said.
Nowhere is this staleness more apparent than in the weekly pageant of managers who explain that they don't usually moan about referees, then go on to moan about referees for 15 minutes.
75) and Fish Tikkas that never have the fishy smell of staleness ( Rs 329.
Forget the stodginess of the big bulbous Rover or the staleness of the small bulbous A35.
Depending on staleness of the bread, more liquid may be required, in which case add more olive oil.
It seemed as though all the bitterness of life was being served onto her plate, and, with the steam off the stew, there came swirling up from the depths of her soul a kind of rancid staleness.
Overtraining or staleness syndrome is a particular concern for serious endurance athletes, such as swimmers or runners, with roughly 10% of these individuals experiencing the syndrome over the course of one year of training--and this rate increases significantly after five years of training.