Jean, early 20th-century Swiss ophthalmologist. See: Hudson-Stähli line.
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Murdoch beat Swiss player Stefan Stahli 7-6 while Brewster beat Germany's Alex Baumann 7-4.
Simon Stahli nominated Wallasey-born and bred Raymond Moore (1920-1987) - as well as Half Man Half Biscuit's Nigel Blackwell - describing Moore as "one of the greatest British photographers of all time.
Technically competent: Project Hanspeter Stahli Tel: +41 (0) 58 319 28 24 e-mail: Hanspeter.
A leading business and networking event today, the Swiss Economic Forum (SEF), was founded by Swiss entrepreneurs Stefan Linder and Peter Stahli in 1998 with a view of promoting entrepreneurial thinking and innovation in Switzerland and abroad.
2001, Eesti vanema kirjakeele leksikaalsest ja morfosuntaktilisest arengust ning Heinrich Stahli keele eriparast selle taustal, Tartu (Dissertationes Philologiae Estonicae Universitatis Tartuensis 10).
Yma, mae'n cwrdd a'i hen ffrind, y mynyddwr Hannes Stahli, sydd hefyd yn cerfio cerrig beddau ar gyfer y rhai anffodus nad ydynt yn dychwelyd o'u hanturiaethau.
Jarvis NJ, Stahli M, Bergstrom LF, Johnson H (1994) Simulation of dichlorprop and bentazon leaching in soils of contrasting texture using the MACRO model.
A new honing machine from Stahli USA (Wauconda, IL) is allowing the company to do just that, and expand its materials processing capabilities.
One thinks particularly of the monographs by Stahli (Solare Elemente im Jahweglauben des Alten Testaments, 1985), Janowski (Rettungsgewissheit und Epiphanie des Heils, 1989), and Taylor (Yahweh and the Sun, 1993), as well as several essays by Mark Smith and especially the important iconographic investigation in Keel and Uehlinger's Gods, Goddesses, and Images of God in Ancient Israel (1998).
Our core business is taking risk," Marcel Stahli of Swiss-Re told a weather derivatives conference at e-World of Energy.