Jean, early 20th-century Swiss ophthalmologist. See: Hudson-Stähli line.
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They included, from Switzerland, Jungen, Hess, Widmer, Stahli and Bangerter; with Team Krause from Denmark; Team Candra from the Czech Republic; Team Shaw, Vez from Spain who joined the Scottish forces of teams Marshall, Hare and Barr with the headline names of Mouat, Brewster and Bryce joining local teams Gallacher, Carson and Sloan.
Published at the end of the program, the reports addressed four topics: water resources in Switzerland (TS 1) (Bjornsen Gurung and Stahli 2014), management ofwater resources under growing user demands (TS 2) (Lanz et al.
8) Entre 1979 y 1983, en contraste con la escasa repercusion que su obra habia logrado hasta entonces en Espana, fueron numerosas sus exposiciones individuales en Europa y EEUU: Galerie Tanit, Munich (1979 y 1982), Staempfli Gallery, Nueva York (1980 y 1984), Dobloug Gallery, Oslo (1981), Galerie Stahli, Zurich (1982), Galerie Lang, Viena (1983), Galerie Thomas, Munich (1983), Meadows Museum, Dallas (1983), Galerie Fred Jahn, Munich (1983), Printshop Gallery, Amsterdam (1983).
Murdoch beat Swiss player Stefan Stahli 7-6 while Brewster beat Germany's Alex Baumann 7-4.
The first is the "Habilitationsschrift" of Adrian Stahli (2002) submitted at the university in Zurich in 2002 and awarded the UBS Habilitationspreis in 2003.
Simon Stahli nominated Wallasey-born and bred Raymond Moore (1920-1987) - as well as Half Man Half Biscuit's Nigel Blackwell - describing Moore as "one of the greatest British photographers of all time.
Technically competent: Project Hanspeter Stahli Tel: +41 (0) 58 319 28 24 e-mail: Hanspeter.
A Winter Break," featuring paintings by Jorg Stahli, opens Feb.
A leading business and networking event today, the Swiss Economic Forum (SEF), was founded by Swiss entrepreneurs Stefan Linder and Peter Stahli in 1998 with a view of promoting entrepreneurial thinking and innovation in Switzerland and abroad.