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adjective Referring to a pattern or morphology which has short angled branching from a central point
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The reason staghorn sumac is such a highly favored deer food during the late season is because its stems and bright red seed clusters are exceptionally high in fat.
the arrival of coral black band disease in 1973, mass dieoffs of staghorn and elkhorn corals and sea urchins in 1983, and coral bleaching beginning in 1987--occurred during peak dust years.
But the tip of a staghorn fern frond (2) pushes upward in a tight coil.
Wendy Pyper talks to Dr Carden Wallace about the role of staghorn corals in tracing the history of Indonesia's spectacular marine biodiversity.
It looks as if it has been in the tropical house for years but Wilkes only planted the staghorn fern there last week using wire to attach it to the tree.
Polyps may divide to form new individuals as in the case of staghorn coral, but they may also reproduce sexually.
Let's face it--if you're Senator Joe or Jane American and you're being petitioned by Harry or Hortense Hippie to save some stand of staghorn sumac rather than do business with a wining, dining, perk-providing superconstruction conglomerate, you're probably going to say, "So long, sumac
As I mentioned previously, this is today the management of choice for the staghorn calculi associated with infections, and while the combination of percutaneous ultrasound and ESWL requires time (several days) in the hospital, the recovery is good and certainly shorter than standard operative intervention.
In addition to the city views, park visitors will find more than 300 specimens of plant life, including a wide variety of cacti such as saguaro, barrel, hedgehog, pincushion, jumping cholla, staghorn and prickly pear.
The company is providing financial support for Staghorn Villas, an $8 million townhome community that will provide affordable homes for 58 local families.
Percutaneous nephrolithotomy (PCNL) is the preferred treatment for large (>2 cm) renal or staghorn renal stones, (3) and access into the collecting system is safest when using a direct puncture through the overlying renal parenchyma into the fornix of the intended calyx, to avoid major blood vessels.
NOAA Fisheries is publishing a recovery plan for elkhorn and staghorn corals.