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adjective Referring to a pattern or morphology which has short angled branching from a central point
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Axial abdominal computed tomographic scan showing focal mass of renal pelvis complicated with a staghorn calculi and moderate hydronephrosis.
Elkhorn and staghorn corals were once the dominant coral species on Caribbean reefs, but since the 1970 s have declined between 92 and 97 percent.
Mote Marine's coral nursery trees hold fragments of staghorn coral that hang like Christmas ornaments from monofilament fishing line.
The contents of one stomach from one female beluga killed near the mouth of the Katnu River in 1961 was reported by Baxter and Baxter (17) to include Dolly Varden, Salvelinus malma; Pacific staghorn sculpin, Leptocottus armatus; "gray sand shrimp" (likely a crangonid shrimp species), and other unidentifiable fish remains.
More than seven years ago, Mote established our underwater coral nursery to grow colonies of the threatened staghorn coral (Acropora cervicomis) for replanting on damaged reef sections in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary.
i[section]lem ba[section]ansizlik oram baton grubunda daha Ancak bu cah[section]mada buyUk boyutlu staghorn ta[section]larda yilk-sek oranda balon dilatator kullanilmast ye degi[section]ik merkezlere ameliyatlann degi,ik endikasyonlarla yapilmast bu calLsmanm eksikligidir.
Acropora species, like table coral, elkhorn coral and staghorn coral, were favored in competition due to their rapid growth.
Results were: Sheep dog trials: | Open Class (Friday) Shirley Cropper (Tess) 8 Open Class (Saturday) Phil Exelby (Gem) Doubles Bob Harland Nursery Class (Sunday) James Howard (Bell) Local Class James Howard (Sue) Young Handlers Tom Weston, Chesterfield (Meg) Supreme Shirley Cropper (Tess) Plain Walking Stick Horn Steve Bell Plain Horn Crook Steve Bell Fancy Stick Horn Steve Bell Plain Horn Thumbstick Steve Bell Plain Walking Stick Wood Ron Holland Plain Wooden Crook Geoff Wilkinson Fancy Stick Wood Steve Bell Thumbstick Wood Steve Bell Any Other Steve Bell Staghorn Fancy Michael Bray Staghorn Plain Ron Holland Staghorn Thumbstick Plain Geoff Wilkinson Short Stick Steve Bell Miniatures Steve Bell.
made use of was a staghorn sumac, the fruit--called drupes--of which were a source of a lemon-tasting drink for many Native Americans.
Its white, waxy berries are very unlike the benign and eminently edible red terminal clusters of staghorn sumac that grow in dry waste areas.
I got it originally as a "barbecue rig" for "barbecue guns," such as my 3 1/2-inch barrel Smith & Wesson Model 27 with its gorgeous bright blue finish and handsome, genuine staghorn grips.