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adjective Referring to a pattern or morphology which has short angled branching from a central point
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Monotherapy extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy for the treatment of staghorn calculi in children.
(2) A limitation of the study was that inter-centre indications for PCNL varied, with a larger number of staghorn calculi being treated in the balloon dilatation group.
But that hasn't stopped local and state governments from trying to address this root cause of so many emerging environmental crises--the possible extinction of elkhorn and staghorn corals, among them.
We have fields upon fields of this sumac (I think it's staghorn, but I will have to look into that), but with six children, it will be put to good use!--Nicole Printz, 1425 3200 Ave., Abilene, KS 6741 O;
In such cases, the stones can grow into a staghorn shape, filling the central cavity of the kidney.
Traditional highland dress - kilt, sporran, etc - is almost entirely made up of wool, leather, fur, sealskin - even the buttons are commonly made of staghorn.
Ralph also designed and manufactured Staghorn Treestands, a company he founded about a decade ago.
A Staghorn sumach is a handsome tree with wonderful autumn colouring, but the suckering is a real nuisance.
Handle options include white Micarta, cherrywood and Sambar staghorn.
During my first dive in Fiji, I notice the reef looks like a recent snow storm has passed over it: About a third of the corals are bleached, and some of the staghorn and other branching corals are wedding cake white.
Staghorn Octoberfest will be released in the fall; Belgian Cherry Beer with Door County cherries for the Christmas holiday; Snowshoe Irish Ale for winter; Coffee Stout for St.
Staghorn calculi were observed in the right kidney on stone protocol computed tomography scans (Figure 1a, 1b).