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adjective Referring to a pattern or morphology which has short angled branching from a central point
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Spores from Stag's Horn Clubmoss can be explosive in high densities Now Forestry Commission Wales is going to ensure the clubmoss is protected.
So find a spot for amazing plants, such as Amelanchier, Japanese acers, the smoke bush Cotinus coggygria and stag's horn sumach to create - Keith Butterworth, Runcorn, Cheshire dramatic focal points when the temperature drops.
The most common variety is R typhina, the Stag's Horn Sumach, whose spreading branches will grow to 4m (12ft) or more if left to their own devices.
The reason is a rare plant called stag's horn clubmoss (Lycopodium clavatum), found near Tregaron in a conservation survey ahead of tree felling.
Rhus typhina , the stag's horn sumach, is a reliable shrub for almost any type of ground, including thin soils, with large oval leaves turning deep crimson.
Priced pounds 22.50 (, 01530 413700), Stag's Horn Sumach or Rhus typhina is a small suckering tree with the most spectacular autumn colour - a blend of red, gold, orange, scarlet and purple.
europaeus (spindle tree), deciduous berberis species, hamamelis (witch hazel), vaccinium (blue berries), rhus typhina (stag's horn sumach), fothergilla (witch alder) and cotoneaster horizontalis.
typhina, the Stag's Horn Sumach, whose branches will grow 12ft if not kept in check.
The fell supports a range of rare flora and fauna including Lesser Skullcap, Stag's Horn Clubmoss, the Small Pearl-Bordered Fritillary butterfly and the Velvet Ant, which hasn't been recorded elsewhere in the county.
Many shrubs, especially lilacs and stag's horn sumach, cast shade that will weaken and kill any grass beneath.
Dorothy Ridley from Salendine Nook was given a rooted piece of a stag's horn sumach some ten years ago by a friend and it is now running all over the front garden.