Edward C., U.S. oral pathologist, 1894-1981. See: Stafne bone cyst.
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Eric Stafne, a fruit crops specialist with Mississippi State University, says the plant's reputation has been sullied.
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Autores como Shafer y colaboradores y Stafne en los anos ochenta definieron el torus como protuberancias o exostosis localizadas en la region bucal (3).
[1] Stafne, in year 1948 described it as an "ameloblastic adenomatoid tumor or adenoameloblastoma," since it presented with simulating structures such as canals or glands, he, therefore, described it as an ameloblastoma variant.
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Adenomatoid odontogenic tumor (AOT) was first described by Ghosh in 1934 [1] as an adamantinoma of the maxilla and was first recognised as distinct entity by Stafne in 1948 [2].
Eric Stafne, Extension fruit specialist at MSU's South Mississippi Branch Experiment Station in Poplarville, said the fruit flies have not been found in large numbers like last year.