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Process in which a medical transcriptionist makes minor changes in a dictated report such as grammatical errors, inconsistencies, redundancies, or inappropriate remarks without altering the dictator's style.
See also: verbatim transcription


a system that has evolved to correct errors occurring during DNA REPLICATION. The DNA POLYMERASE enzymes involved in DNA replication possess an EXONUCLEASE activity, which serves a ‘proofreading’ and ‘editing’ function. Mistakes, in terms of MISMATCH OF BASES, due to the wrong BASE being inserted during replication, are searched for and excised.
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As Staff Editor Craig Jones of West Palm Beach, Florida states; "What was once old becomes new again".
Robert Rosenberg, an Israeli writer and senior staff editor of the Israeli daily Haaretz, died of cancer on 25 October 2006 in Tel Aviv, Israel, aged 54.
The staff editor who reviews it, former ABT dancer Kate Lydon, is a new mother to Jack--undoubtedly the next Stanton Welch (see photo).
For more than a decade, Copage was a staff editor at The New York Times magazine, where, in addition to his other duties, he edited and cocreated the popular "Lives" column.
In 1994, Gwendolyn Fisher was downsized from her position as a staff editor at ARCO in Los Angeles.
But sources close to the article, including a Washington Monthly staff editor who spoke on the condition that her name would melodramatically not be used in order to make her quote seem more exciting, said that Easterbrook and Peters had actually discussed the content of the article before it was written, and that "Charlie told Gregg to come up with something interesting?
Lucie Prinz is a staff editor of The Atlantic Monthly.
By day, Dollins is a staff editor at Indiana Michigan Power in Fort Wayne.
The Treasure of Peta Nocona" has been assigned to Barking Rain Press staff editor Roger Gilmartin.
Nova Science staff editor Rocha has assembled these research papers on the emerging field of development economics, which studies the methods for promoting growth within developing countries while addressing the rapid changes in the standard of living.
she was Editor-in-Chief of Savvy magazine and of Women's Sports & Fitness; staff editor at Ms.

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