Rutilio, 19th-century Italian neuroanatomist. See: Staderini nucleus.
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DFID humanitarian affairs officers Duccio Staderini and Tom Russel were among the delegation, which demonstrated how field schools allow farmers to diversify and supplement their incomes, while at the same time providing an important source of nutrition for them and their families.
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Temporary measures are not new in Italy (Sartor, 1998; Locarno and Staderini, 2007) but they have played a consistently crucial role in the design of Italian fiscal policy only since the Maastricht Treaty in 1992.
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Staderini ocupa la presidencia del Tribunal de Cuentas en Italia.
AS general manager of one of Venice's finest hotels, Claudio Staderini caters to the whims of the most discerning guests.
I wrote back explaining that it was impossible to use a moped in Venice," says Mr Staderini.
La stessa Clorinda, che fra le donne di chiesa e la piU bacchettona, non trova da ridire: le prostitute le danno indubbiamente meno fastidio dei martelli di Maciste e dello Staderini.
As Staderini observes, however, "cotesto commercio non conosce crisi