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Otto, 20th-century U.S. veterinary surgeon. See: Stader splint.
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Several local musicians, including Unitarian Folk Orchestra, Andrea Stader, Ruth Ann Levinson and the CUF Recorder Group will offer holiday music.
Collaborating with the Colorado Hospital Association and the state chapter of the American College of Emergency Physicians, Stader helped launch a six-month pilot program in June to limit the number and size of opioid prescriptions--creating guidelines that match specific nonopioid alternatives to specific pain-related conditions for patients at eight Colorado hospitals and three freestanding EDs.
1) The actual name was Stader and she was Swiss, not Austrian.
Vice president of CH2M's Middle East, North Africa and India (MENAI) transportation business, David Stader, is responsible for managing the strategic and daily operations of the company's transportation segment.
Dr Otto Stader, a small animal Veterinarian used comparative medicine approach and developed the first form of external skeleton fixation, the Stader splint to stabilize fracture in dogs.
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Este tipo de proceso caracteriza por estar regulados por leyes o normativas que definen claramente las actividades que componen el proceso, quien debe realizarlas, como deben ser realizadas, cuando y en que plazos (Feldman & Khademian,, 2000), de manera que tienen una estructura clara y bien definida, donde se conoce con antelacion cada posible ruta que puede tomarse a traves del proceso (Moore, Stader, Macintosh, Casson-du Mont, & Chung, 1999).
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One night we arrived late at the Stader Hotel in St.
In comparing hiring practices in higher education with the business world, Basham, Stader, and Bishop (2009) found that education does not use many of the strategies common in business to ensure a qualified pool of applicants.