St. Vitus

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St. Vitus,

patron saint against oversleeping, danger from animals, and of actors.
St. Vitus dance - chorea and dancing mania.
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The Catholic Archdiocese of Chicago closed St. Vitus in 1990 and transferred its lien to The Resurrection Project for $10 two years later, according to news accounts at the time.
Our quest begins at Prague Castle and the Cathedral of St. Vitus, whose glorious stained glass windows rise to the Gothic ceiling and dazzle us.
The tilts and vertical shifts of the pillars of the longitudinal body (in selected 4 transverse sections) and of the transverse body (in two transverse cuts) of St. Vitus Cathedral have been geodetically measured and evaluated for a period of 8 years (Zalesky et al., 2008).
Friday; Type O Negative, the Misfits, St. Vitus, God Dethroned and Saviours at 4 p.m.
Crockett lived on a sailboat called St. Vitus' Dance that was guarded by his pet alligator, Elvis.
*This was the answer given and I know St. Vitus is the Patron Saint of Danoers.
The defects of a Bohemian (German) glass goblet is the focus of one image, while the beautiful patterns on brocade from royal coffins in Prague's St. Vitus Cathedral is the focus of another.
DEBRIS INC Debris Inc Candlelight (Rise Above)--Dave Chandler (St. Vitus) & Ron Holzner's (Trouble) outfit disseminates punk and doom ideology.
Leading me around the massive St. Vitus cathedral, Slavek pointed to a scene in the stained glass depicting a fratricide, to another where a noblewoman stabbed her daughter-in-law while she prayed, and then to another where a king was being killed by a pretender to the throne.
The bell that he chose was Zikmund in the Prague Cathedral of St. Vitus and on the 12th of September 1965 he made a recording of the bell from three places: in the tower over the bell, in the third castle courtyard and in the royal oratory of St.
Prague boasts magnificent architecture including the St. Vitus Cathedral, The Royal Palace, museums, and the Golden Lane, which all create an air of fantasy.

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