St. Vitus

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St. Vitus,

patron saint against oversleeping, danger from animals, and of actors.
St. Vitus dance - chorea and dancing mania.
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This allows us to take our time examining the chapels, art and sarcophagi of St.
The tilts and vertical shifts of the pillars of the longitudinal body (in selected 4 transverse sections) and of the transverse body (in two transverse cuts) of St.
These were a text from the Czech Chronicle of Cosmas for the 1st picture of the work, selected extracts from the funeral oration of Vojtech Rackuv of Jezov at the funeral of Charles IV in the Cathedral of St.
During the Middle Ages, infertile and hysterical women made pilgrimages to the St.
Herman believes for a time he is dying, his grandfather (and the only bald person Herman knows) having told him once that he is bald "because I'm going to die soon"; he refuses to go to school, where ridicule soon gives way to pity, or to wear the wig his parents can barely afford because he sees it as one more humiliating sop thrown him (and further proof his baldness is ugly); he embarks upon a life of crime (rocks through windows, intentionally failed exams, parents blackmailed into buying him things) because he realizes his malady makes him invulnerable to punishment; and he befriends the neighborhood drunk and the woman down the street suffering from St.
Tenderer has delivered a tool that artistic side will be compatible with space St.

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