St. Louis encephalitis virus

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St. Lou·is en·ceph·a·li·tis vi·rus

a group B arbovirus, genus Flavivirus in the family Flaviviridae, occurring in the U.S., Trinidad, and Panama; normally present as inapparent infection in humans, but sometimes a cause of encephalitis; the virus has been isolated from birds in Panama and from several mosquito species, especially Psorophora.
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St. Lou·is en·ceph·a·li·tis vi·rus

(sānt lū'is en-sef'ă-lī'tis vī'rŭs)
A group B arbovirus often causing inapparent infection but sometimes encephalitis; the virus has been isolated from birds and from several mosquito species, especially Psorophora.
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Viruses other than West Nile virus detected: S, St. Louis encephalitis virus; Y, yellow fever virus; D, dengue virus; F, unspecified flavivirus.
Three of 1835 birds (0.16%) had evidence of antiflavivirus antibodies, which demonstrated neutralizing activity to JEV and St. Louis encephalitis virus (SLEV).
EEE, eastern equine encephalomyelitis virus; SLE, St. Louis encephalitis virus; WEE, western equine encephalomyelitis virus, WNV, West Nile virus.
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Eleven cases of St. Louis encephalitis virus disease were reported from three states (Alabama, Arizona, and California) (Table 2).
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health officials say it has been found to transmit West Nile virus and St. Louis encephalitis virus. --SPA 02:47 LOCAL TIME 23:47 GMT
That's over 10 times more than the combined number of reported cases of neuroinvasive disease caused by the other arthropod-borne viruses or arboviruses: La Crosse virus, eastern equine encephalitis virus, St. Louis encephalitis virus, and Powassan virus, Dr.
Washington, Oct 1 (ANI): An international team of researchers has cracked the DNA sequence of the mosquito species whose bite transmits West Nile virus, St. Louis encephalitis virus and the microscopic worm responsible for elephantiasis.

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