St. Louis

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St. Louis,

city in Missouri, where the disease was first observed in 1933.
St. Louis encephalitis - Synonym(s): St Louis syndrome
St. Louis syndrome - encephalitis. Synonym(s): St. Louis encephalitis
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Tom Schlafly and Dan Kopman opened The St. Louis Brewery--The Tap Room--in 1991 as the first brewpub in Missouri.
Located at the confluence of the Missouri and Mississippi rivers, St. Louis is Missouri's largest metropolitan area.
St. Louis makes the cut, receiving its first All-America City award since 1956.
Mackenzie & Associates, PO Box 29396, St. Louis, MO, 63126 tel: 800/215-9550 fax: 320-213-0926#
* Increase awareness of sustainable building operations and maintenance practices for the St. Louis region; and
In six months, the company secured $500,000 in contracts, taking on clients such as Anheuser-Busch and AmerenUE, a St. Louis power company.
At Dance St. Louis, Bliss expanded education and outreach programs and established an endowment.
Leach was born in St. Louis and served in the Army Air Corps in the Pacific during World War II.
Anna Kuang, a plastic surgeon, volunteered to perform the surgery at St. Louis Children's hospital.
ROSE, a member of TEI's St. Louis Chapter since 1969, died on June 21.
Lux was also dedicated to preserving wildlife, and was very involved with the St. Louis Zoo, lending his time and expertise in many capacities, including chairman of the Zoo Commission and member of the board of trustees.

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