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the brother of Martha and Mary who was raised from the dead in the New Testament of the Bible.
Lazarus complex - psychological sequence observed in survivors of cardiac arrest. Synonym(s): Lazarus syndrome
Lazarus sign - spontaneous movement in patients who are brain dead or who have suffered spinal cord injury.
Lazarus syndrome - Synonym(s): Lazarus complex
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On Lazarus Saturday, the Bulgarian Orthodox Church also commemorates St. Lazarus the Bulgarian, who died a martyr's death in 1802.
Not surprisingly, therefore, Kay Peter Jankrift confirms Marcombe's view that in a specialist order like that of St. Lazarus, it is unlikely that any leprous brothers were ever sent to the East.
Moreover, in 1482, he was instructed to inquire about the authenticity of the head of St. Lazarus at Availon.
Alexander funeral businesses and oversee the development and operations of a new funeral home and cemetery facility on the North Shore, Grace Funeral Home and St. Lazarus of Bethany Memorial Gardens.
It shared this place with a team from the St. Lazarus technical school from Larnaca.
Cavusoglu is set to arrive in the Greek Cypriot side on Sunday and he will visit Hala Sultan Tomb and St. Lazarus Church in Larnaca.
Grand Cross Order of St. Lazarus (Chairman, National Unity Commn.
The group also visited the Famagusta/Varosha area) the Hala Sultan Tekke mosque, and the Church and Tomb of St. Lazarus".
The holder of this market may be asked to intervene promptly at night, for steering the work of the station behind St. Lazarus, the piloting of new works in connection with the lines operated (Saint Lazare, Porte de Clichy Mairie de Saint Ouen) for controlling in coordination work with tests and SAET train.II.2.5 tests) Award criteria
Contract notice: Transport contract to purchase medical implants, detached warehouse ensuring the st. lazarus county hospital for a period of 24 months.
In Nicosia testing will be carried out at the top of Ledra Street; in Larnaca at the square of St. Lazarus's Church; in Limassol at MyMall and in Paphos at the Kings Avenue Mall from 11am until 2pm.
near St. Lazarus' church only opened in April but is fast becoming one of Larnaca's hotspots.

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