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Arthur, Polish bacteriologist, 1887-1956. See: Weil-Felix reaction, Weil-Felix test.
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Group sessions and classes run in 10-week cycles and take place at 126 St. Felix Street, Brooklyn, NY 11217.
We ended up at St. Felix Street in Brooklyn, now lined with renovated brownstones, then a slum where Harvey Lich-tenstein housed the Living company, while across the street, in what is now the chic BAM cafe, they rehearsed The Money Tower play for performances outside factories in Pittsburgh.
620 Fulton Street is one block from the Brooklyn Academy of Music, on Fulton Street between St. Felix Street and Ashland Place.
John grew up on a family farm in Kellogg, Minnesota and graduated from St. Felix High School.
Venue address: Brooklyn Music School Playhouse, 126 St. Felix St., Brooklyn NY 11217
During the consistory, the Vatican announced that Tagle would be the titular priest of the parish church of St. Felix of Cantalice in Rome's Centicello suburb.
Unfortunately, the only textual evidence that she cites is Paulinus of Nola's description of his complex in honor of St. Felix, but otherwise her discussions of how people moved around a church or complex rely too much on what "could have been." Her conclusion that "diverse formal solutions belie a common function: the spatial arbitration of multiple sacred focal points" (189) seems to be trying too hard to craft some unity out of disunity.
In her debut young adult novel, Cockrell introduces naive fifteen-year-old Angle, whose confidante since childhood has been the St. Felix statue in the church basement.
Born to a rich Bordeaux family, he exchanged his rhetorician's success for baptism and the monastic life, gave his fortune to the poor, was ordained a priest at Barcelona (394--his wife was Spanish-born) then ascended to the see of Nola in Campania, Italy, where husband and wife dwelt near the tomb of St. Felix, enduring the loss of their infant child.
For example, near the beginning of his narrative, O'Shea depicts a meeting in the village of St. Felix de Caraman in May, 1167, of "dualist grandees--heresiarchs--from distant lands ...
He embraced Nola's third-century martyr, St. Felix, as his personal patron and honored Felix's wonder-working relics by building a magnificent complex of chapels, courtyards, and cloisters.
water main burst beneath Brooklyn's historic St. Felix Street during winter 1997, a century's worth of problems came rushing to the surface.