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St. Vitus,

patron saint against oversleeping, danger from animals, and of actors.
St. Vitus dance - chorea and dancing mania.
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Before the usual facsimile samples from the autograph of the pastorellas, there is also a facsimile of Sehling's above-mentioned request for the position of Capellmeister at the metropolitan Cathedral of St Vitus with a parallel diplomatic transcription of the entire letter (pp.
A bell then tolled at St Vitus Cathedral, as mourners in the building and those filling the square outside observed a moment of silence.
St Vitus' Cathedral consists of a transept, a nave and two lower side bodies flanked by chapels.
In the first of these sketches one sees the Baroque church of St Nicholas (c 1750), built on the site of the former Jesuit College in the Lesser Quarter, as viewed from Charles Bridge, with St Vitus' Cathedral and the Castle in the distant background.
Elvis lived with Sonny (played by Don Johnson) on 42-foot yacht, the St Vitus Dance.
The gear lever had the shakes - the driver rammed it easily enough from first to second to third, but when it got to fourth, it shook violently as if it had St Vitus' Dance.
28 Which trendy 1980s detective lived on a houseboat called St Vitus' Dance ?
Don't miss the famous astronomical clock on Old Town Square, and cross ancient Charles Bridge with its blackened statues to glorious Mala Strana, beneath the imposing mass of the Castle District crowned by magnificent St Vitus Cathedral.
Havel's wife Dagmar, family members, friends and leaders from dozens of countries gathered yesterday at the gothic St Vitus Cathedral, the biggest and most important church in the country, to pay their last respects to the former president.