St. Luke

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St. Luke,

patron saint of physicians, surgeons, artists, sculptors, painters, notaries, glass workers, butchers, and brewers.
St. Luke retractor
St. Luke rongeuer
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SHOOT: A St Luke's player (blue) tries his luck in the semi-final showdown against Farnborough Road Code zz160511JuniorX-25
St Luke's has provided hospital services in Huddersfield for almost a century.
It once housed Matthew Boulton College and the St Luke's housing estate, but has been vacant since the college buildings were demolished around nine years ago.
And Joe is involved in Reach Out St Luke's, which encourages pupils to volunteer for community projects, and manages the vocational programme.
Lesley Hill, director of estates and facilities at the hospital Trust said: "It is important that the St Luke's site is brought back into productive use.
She writes: "St Luke's was a happy hospital although the building was quite old.
Many foreign divers have flocked lately to St Luke Island in Myanmar instead.
THE famous St Luke's office used by former Taoiseach Bertie Ahern has been handed back to Fianna Fail.