St. Agatha

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St. Agatha,

patron saint of those with breast disease, torture victims, nurses, and jewelers.
St. Agatha disease - disease of the female breast.
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The coffin of the 27-year-old was carried from his mother Biddy's flat by six men to the nearby Catholic Church of St Agatha on North William Street in Dublin's north inner city.
Contract notice: Mission partial project management building (visas-det-aor) for achieving 96 lls type of housing - townhouses - located in the district of st agatha - block g1 and g2 on the commune of macouria.
In the adjoining suburb of Rabat, I plunged underground to visit the catacombs below the churches of St Paul and St Agatha, where tombs, tables and canopies have been hewn out of stone in a honeycomb covering 3sq km.
Franklin Road in Bournville also features, while boxing scenes took place in a gym behind the Church of St Agatha in Sparkbrook.
ED (University of Wales), St Agatha Road, Heath, Cardiff
The dexterity of his drawing and his faultless apportionment of light and shade, may be seen in his St Peter Healing St Agatha (Galleria di Parma).
Contract award: construction of 86 homes in st agatha - block e - lot 10 (earthwork) - lot 11 (eu / ep) - lot 12 (flexible networks).
And that's when I realised I had still not visited the catacombs of St Agatha, the Tarxien Temples, Ta'Qali Craft market and the Roman Villa - all places I'd visited when I was here as a child.
The larger blaze broke out just before midnight at the Joy Disco in St Agatha village, Bad Goisern, southwest of Vienna.
Clive Phillips from St Agatha Road, Heath, Cardiff, pictured at Pompeii during a holiday with wife Carole at Sorrento.
CONTENDERS FOR THE CROWN Coun Mullaney's favourites: Highbury Hall Bartons Arms Church of St Agatha, Sparkhill Friends' Meeting House, Bournville Odeon Cinema, Sutton Coldfield Rotunda Moseley Road Baths and Library Birmingham Town Hall Aston Hall Edgbaston Guinea Gardens Coun Douglas Osborn's favourites: Weoley Castle Back to Backs, Hurst Street St Philip's Cathedral St Martin's, Bullring St Chad's Cathedral Bank of Scotland building, Temple Row Margaret Street School of Art Mining and Metallurgy Building, B'ham University Gas Retort House, off Broad Street New Library of Birmingham, Centenary Square And five more for luck.
And the Municipal Museum Het Prinsenhof is based at the 15th-century monastery of St Agatha where William of Orange was murdered in 1584.