Spree Killing

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Murders occurring at 2 locations with almost no time break between them
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Let's be clear: These spree killings are all, in their own ways, acts of terrorism.
Baghdad / NINA/ Winners of the World Media Summit (WMS) Global Awards for Excellence 2014 were announced on Monday including reports on Myanmar and spree killings in America.
As a lot of my friends passionately argued for and against gun control, my take was that gun control for the purposes of preventing more spree killings was treating the symptom and not the disease.
"It is like one of those spree killings you see in America, but instead of a gun in this case they were using a vehicle as a deadly weapon, in completely random attacks."
"Spree killings such as Columbine, Dunblane or Hungerford almost always end in the death of the killer," he said.