Spree Killer

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A person who embarks on a murderous assault of two or more victims in a short time in multiple locations
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It is very rare to ever speak to a spree killer because, by their very nature, they want to go out spectacularly.
In the twisted mind of the spree killer, classrooms are full of defenceless targets.
Dr Philip Pollock admits there are "no observable indicators" to tell when a spree killer will go over the edge.
Spree killers have never learned to express their emotions.
A lot of factors have to come together to turn someone into a spree killer.
Spree killers include crazed gunmen like Hungerford butcher Michael Ryan and Brenda Spencer, the "I Don't Like Mondays" teenager who gunned down schoolkids and their teachers in California in 1979.
Most spree killers enjoy close contact with victims - seeing fear in victims' eyes.
Prof Jackson said Bird differed from other spree killers, such as Hungerford's Michael Ryan or Dunblane killer Thomas Hamilton in that he was seemingly normal and well thought of.
WARNINGS Like other spree killers before him, Derrick Bird took his secrets to the grave and we may never know what twisted mentality caused him to unleash such horror on so many innocent people.
A police spokesman said: "Curtis has many of the characteristics that are associated with potential spree killers.
What distinguishes spree killers from serial murderers is that they tend to be more spontaneous, more frenzied.
On Monday, we took you inside the minds of the spree killers - the "human timebombs" and unknown maniacs in our midst.