Spree Killer

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A person who embarks on a murderous assault of two or more victims in a short time in multiple locations
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In the twisted mind of the spree killer, classrooms are full of defenceless targets.
He added: "A spree killer might have been bullied at school.
A spree killer kills a number of people at one time, such as Michael Ryan, who shot dead 16 people in Hungerford.
4 Unlike a serial killer, a spree killer may have no criminal record.
"A spree killer is usually an overcontrolled person.
Everyone agrees school-age spree killers are a nightmare.
This is different from mass murderers, where all deaths are in one event, or spree killers, with multiple killings occurring in a shorter span of time.
All the victims, according to QCPD-CIDU investigators were shot at close range by the spree killers.
We can argue all we like over whether or not a three-round magazine cap limit on all firearms regardless of type or caliber will really keep spree killers from killing so many people.
Mallick said they're hard to categorize, and could be considered spree killers and serial killers depending on the definitions and their entire criminal history.
There was also an important link between suicide bombers and "spree killers", he added.
All of these men fit the so-called "suspect profile" of spree killers: middle-aged, depressed, living alone or estranged from family, white.