ankle sprain

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ankle sprain

A stretching of the ankle ligaments and/or muscles with swelling.
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ankle sprain

Orthopedics A stretching of the ankle ligaments and/or muscles with swelling
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Q. What do you do for a sprained ankle?

A. R.I.C.E. - Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation

Q. We went to a trip last week and I sprained my ankle. what can I do next time if it happens? Last week I went to a trip with my friends. I did a bad movement and landed very bad on my ankle. It was the end of the trip and my friends took me to the car, but I want to know what should I do next time if the car isn't so close?

A. Here you can hear about more complicated spain treatments than those you can get "in the field"
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Q. How does ice help a sprained ankle or other injury? While I exercise I often get sprain. I have seen many times that ice is used as a first aid for sprains. How does ice help a sprained ankle or other injury?

A. it does two helpful things- lower the pain (cold can do that) and prevent swelling. the swelling is a body normal reaction that protects the area that was injured. but we would like to avoid it because it'll strain us.

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Her imagination was busy, her reflections were pleasant, and the pain of a sprained ankle was disregarded.
"Pride does go before a fall, but I wonder if a sprained ankle always comes after it?" thought Rose, bravely concealing her pain, as she answered, with great dignity
There are few who do not know the pain of walking on a sprained ankle. Then imagine the pain of shovelling coal and trundling a loaded wheelbarrow with two sprained wrists.
Would the creaking be much worse than the thud, and the difference worth the risk of a sprained ankle? Well worth it, I at length decided; the risk was nothing; my window was scarce a dozen feet from the ground.
When we were left alone in the stone-flagged kitchen, it was astonishing how rapidly that sprained ankle recovered.
Striker Alexandre Lacazette has a sprained ankle but is expected to be fit for the league opener at Newcastle.
What made matters worse for Victolero was Fields had to play through a sprained ankle.
"This is like a sprained brain, like having a sprained ankle. And if someone has a sprained ankle, you're not going to push on him more," he said, adding, "Once our brain gets to the point of spraining, people do everything to make it worse."
LaLiga's leaders have now confirmed that Suarez sustained a sprained ankle that will rule him out of action for Uruguay and the remainder of March.
Sprained ankle is a small trauma that usually occurs in daily activities.
suffering a sprained ankle in the 3-1 win over Leganes.
JOHN Barrowman was excluded from last night's public vote off after he spent a night out of camp seeking medical attention for a sprained ankle.