Sprague Dawley rat

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Sprague Daw·ley rat

(sprāg daw'lē rat)
Common laboratory animal used for experimentation.
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Taconic Technical Library, Hematological Clinical Biochemistry values Sprague Dawley rats.
In December 2004, the company announced that findings of a two-year toxicity study indicated that male Sprague Dawley rats exposed to high doses of alagebrium over their natural lifetime developed dose-related increases in liver cell alterations and tumors, and that the liver tumor rate was slightly over the expected background rate in this gender and species of rat.
Leptin has further been shown to increase blood pressure after chronic infusion into Sprague Dawley rats (5).
Female C57Bl mice (18-20 g) and Sprague Dawley rats (100-160 g) were obtained from Charles River, Uppsala, Sweden.
For the chronic study, normal New Zealand white rabbits, normal Sprague Dawley rats and castrated Sprague Dawley rats were used.
The striata were obtained from Male Sprague Dawley rats and sliced into 350-[micro]m slices.