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The importance has long recognised, to practical finishers, of simple, easy-to- carry-out spot tests for identification of metals and alloys, either in the plating shop or in the field.
The Beutler enzyme spot test is an effective screening test for galactosemia, offering the following advantages: immediate detection of classic galactosemia, and diagnosis even when the infants is fed a non-milk formula.
Numerous studies have used the urine spot test in field conditions and the vast majority show significant levels of non-adherence amongst patients with leprosy.
Wu, et al, also described a urine spot test to detect PCC.
If an athlete has a false-negative mono spot test and needs immediate confirmation, try other serologic tests to confirm the diagnosis.
The outcome is a reliable, low-cost, user-friendly spot test kit that can be used to detect and analyze lead levels in paint easier, faster and cheaper than previously used methods.
Patients were excluded from the study if they had taken less than four days of MDT or if they had been prescribed any sulphonamide drug, which could confound the results of the urine spot test.
also described the spot test protocol for detection of PCC in urine.
The International Committee for Standardization in Haematology has recommended the fluorescent spot test as a screening test for G-6-PD deficiency X11].
There are many situations where an accurate and convenient on the spot test is particularly important, such as preoperative assessment, allergy and pregnancy clinics or when prescribing oral contraceptives.