Sports Disaster

Public health A mass disaster occurring before, during or after a sport event which is characterised by a significant loss of life, usually spectators
Sports medicine The loss of a critical game due to a simple error
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Tiger's fall is the closest thing we've ever had to a sports disaster movie.
Last night's chilling re- enactment of England's worst sports disaster helped us see the terrible truth.
Past studies have found upswings in heart-related deaths after a stressful mass event, anything from natural disasters such as earthquakes to sports disasters like a home team losing the Super Bowl.
She says: "On January 14 I emerged, blinking, into the blasting heat and dirty, noisy crowds of Tan Son Nhut airport, following a 12-hour flight, several questionable airline meals (anchovy curry for breakfast, anyone?) and enough hours of inane TV to put me off ever watching anything involving sports disasters, medical dramas or Hilary Duff again.
In an adjudication by Ofcom, released today, the channel's programme about sports disasters was criticised after complaints from viewers angered by comments and distressing footage.
In the rarefied world of the Clay Pigeon Shooting Association George Digweed is a 12-bore legend - the top gun, and probably our only chance of success in this dismal summer of British sports disasters.