spontaneous combustion

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spon·ta·ne·ous com·bus·tion

the ignition of a mass of material by heat developed within it by the oxidation of the substances composing it without external ignition.
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The traffic lights in Penmaenmawr which appeared to spontaneously Combust Picture: MIKE KING
Sheffield United - I can only pick the Blades on the assumption that manager Neil Warnock will spontaneously combust at some point.
There are lotions you leave on all night and smell so noxious you worry that everyone may spontaneously combust along with the lice.
But what is it about the Dutch that makes them spontaneously combust in major finals?
Innovation Waste Management (IWM) of Birkenhead, Wirral, pleaded guilty at Teesside Magistrates Court on Monday to an environmental offence by misdescribing waste which was sent to a Darlington scrapyard where they began to spontaneously combust.
THE past seven days have provided me with so many different experiences and put so many thoughts into my head that I fear I just might spontaneously combust.
Using a controlled fire in a specially created chamber, it was proved that flammable materials and little oxygen would have ensured the flames heated up the city to such an extent that objects would have started to spontaneously combust, further spreading the fire.
The New Electrics describe themselves as "psyche-pop - brooding, loop- lifted compositions with sinister underbellies that open like Freddy Krueger fronting Radiohead before rocketing into harmony-drenched choruses that would make Travis spontaneously combust at 500 paces.
Silage appeared to spontaneously combust at the neighbouring farms,although arson has not yet been ruled out.
Even without being caught in the fireball, radiated heat is so hot, trees, grass and clothes would spontaneously combust.
It makes you wonder whether they've been programmed to spontaneously combust after a certain amount of time.