Spoked Wheel Pattern

Cell biology A term referring to the angiogenic response of chorioallantoic membranes in which sponges loaded with VEGF-A or MMEC-C which are surrounded by allantoic vessels developing radially toward the sponges in a spoked-wheel pattern
Haematology A pattern of chromatin clumping seen at the periphery of the nucleus in basophilic normoblast/pre-erythrocytes and plasma cells
Imaging-Kidney A term referring to the collimated view from selective left renal arteriography, in which there is a mass in the interpolar region of the kidney with a peripheral rimming vessel (arrow) and centripetal vessels projecting into the mass (arrowhead), resembling the rim and spokes of a wagon wheel, a finding classically seen in renal oncocytoma, but also in renal cell carcinoma
Pathology-Breast A term referring to the light microscopic appearance of the epithelial proliferation that extends like spokes on a wheel from a central fibroelastic core in radial scars of the breast
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