Spoked Wheel

Referring to a pattern or morphology that is seen as roundoid on the outside and possessing the distinct spoke-like radiations of something towards the centre
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He could turn cramp-bones into chessmen; fashion Roman chariots from old court cards; make spoked wheels out of cotton reels, and bird-cages of old wire.
The lever-drive attaches in seconds to existing chairs and fits almost any 24in metal spoked wheel. It is lightweight and can be transported easily.
If it just says Mikado and has a spoked wheel motif, it is probably Japanese from between the wars.
In the watercolor Dove and the Lightest Wood, a modeled adolescent figure at the edge of a forest gazes with bashful sincerity past a flurry of blood-red brushwork that could represent the flight traced by the title's dove but could also be a witch (or at least her broom), an attacking medieval Chinese warrior, or a spoked wheel, each above a flaming lotus blossom.
Supported 1 2m above the ground by a colonnade of slender steel columns, this glass wing structure will be 89m across, and stiffened, using the spoked wheel principle, by a skeleton of steel plates 20-35mm thick between the two curved steel collar edges.
The key remaining question concerns whether the Mandelbrot set's boundary is "locally connected." If it isn't, then the boundary would have the same characteristics as a figure in the shape of a spoked wheel, in which any small, spotlighted area that doesn't include the hub shows no link between the spokes.
(1968) combine to form an angry indictment of American poverty; To Be of Use (1973) addresses issues of feminism; The Twelve - Spoked Wheel Flashing (1978), less polemical, includes poems on nature and domesticity.
The model has been built around a new chassis that includes a longer rear shock, a wider handlebar, a 19-inch spoked wheel at the front, a 17-inch rim at the rear and Metzeler Tourance tyres.
The motorcycle that is mainly used for cruising and adventure touring is equipped with spoked wheels because they provide better stability on rough roads.
It also has a windscreen with a three position adjustment, specially designed Battlax Adventure A40 tyres with tubeless tyre applicable wire spoked wheels.
This features wire spoked wheels, tapered handlebars, hand guards and an under cowling.