splenius cervicis muscle

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sple·ni·us cer·vi·cis mus·cle

(splē'nē-ŭs ser-vī'sis mŭs'ĕl)
Origin, from supraspinous ligament and spinous processes of third to fifth thoracic vertebrae; insertion, posterior tubercles of transverse processes of first and second (sometimes third) cervical vertebrae; action, rotates and extends neck; nerve supply, dorsal primary rami of fourth to eighth cervical spinal nerves.
Synonym(s): musculus splenius cervicis [TA] , splenius muscle of neck.
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While these cuts may relate to an effort to disarticulate the head from the neck, it is more likely that they were made in a procedure where the superficial and intermediate dorsal neck muscles (e.g., trapezius, splenius capitis, and splenius cervicis) and adjacent structures were severed in order to enable the levator scapulae and/or rhomboid minor muscles to be exposed so that the superomedial connection between the scapula and the neck could be separated.
Este rasgo osteologico ha sido asociado al desarrollo de musculos nucales como el splenius cervicis, multifidus dorsi y semispinalis cervicis, comprometidos con la postura de la cabeza y en mantener fija la region toracica (Hatt, 1932; Hildebrand, 1988).
Further superiorly the remaining muscles to be considered are rhomboid minor and major, serratus posterior superior and splenius cervicis (Clemente 1987, Moore & Dalley 2006, Rosse & Gaddum-Rosse 1997, Standring 2005).