Bloodstain Pattern

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The diameter and shape of blood splatters, which reflect the origin and trajectory of external blood flow in the context of homicide or violent death, in which the skin surface is disrupted
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Along with the classic white enamelware we used In Camp Sunset (see page 66), San Francisco's Crow Canyon Home offers a quirkier splatter pattern.
You hit her and the blood splatter pattern shows that she was sitting in her chair at the time of the assault or assaults, '' he told Jones.
While I leaned out the window, admiring the splatter pattern the eggplant's pulp made against the street and sidewalk, the driver-side door of that Jaguar opened up and a man got out from behind the wheel, just as the doorman to Lilly's building stepped out from beneath the awning over the front entrance, and looked up-
In addition, the blood splatter pattern on the walls and on the victim's trousers suggested he had been sitting down when he was shot.
Her defense of of white trash lifestyle, for example, is a bit disingenuous: "Gimme pink and lime green, a splatter pattern in the Formica, fat neckties, an honest belch.
However, if I say we're going to solve a murder based on blood splatter patterns, they will be able to use the technique to see whether the shooter came from one side or whether they were left or right handed.
Without the public's appetite for bias-induced outrage, the splatter patterns generated by plummeting circulation numbers and Nielsen ratings would be even more gruesome than they already are.
Neon has flashed on many a catwalk during Milan fashion week which ended yesterday but it found a natural home under Versace's bright lights, with everything from bikinis to floaty chiffon dresses and rib-length shirts in bright splatter patterns.