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The first grand piano builders at the end of the 18th century included for example Jan Zelinka from 1796 in Prague or Jacob Weimes from 1798, while in Brno the important Buchta family business was established from 1770 and the Ignatz Spitzka firm in 1785.
Edward Charles Spitzka, an early campaigner for the medicalization of the treatment of people with mental illnesses, inventoried the conditions at one New York asylum, finding that "during the current year .
None of this meant that masturbation after puberty was any less reprobated: Neuman reports the particularly chilling case of a 23-year old American man who was diagnosed as suffering from masturbatory insanity in the 1880s, sent to a mental hospital, confined for two months in a straitjacket and finally subjected to an "operation on his prepuce calculated to interfere with or stop his vice," as Dr Spitzka (his gaoler/physician) put it.
Spitzka supervised the execution of William Kemmler by the electric chair.