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Alexander, Austrian anatomist, 1868-1943. See: Spitzer theory.
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Infrared measurements from Spitzer revealed the planet's size, about 1.
I think people will want to live there," Spitzer continued.
My goal is for everyone to be abstinent until they are married," Spitzer replied.
Spitzer added he "will be happy to discuss the relevant facts in the days ahead.
html) Politico reported Monday , union organizer Neal Kwatra, who was believed to be working in support of the Spitzer campaign, had only agreed to "help with the rollout" but had not made a long-term commitment, and is reportedly no longer associated with the campaign.
Spitzer has observed evidence of the two new planets several times each.
Spitzer injects new life into the traditional cosmological argument--he calls it the "metaphysical argument"--for an Uncaused Cause of the universe.
Elkind, who interviewed Spitzer at length, devotes considerable space to examining Spitzer's childhood among a family of overachievers, where dinnertime discussions were intellectually rigorous.
Gibney said he also discovered the identity of another prostitute, "Angelina," whom Spitzer frequently visited.
Spitzer points out that the typical law review receives scores of article submissions each year; publication decisions are made by the student editors, who are not scholars or subject matter experts.
But the more astute observers, who today are running some of the very firms Spitzer had been targeting, noted at the time that Spitzer was building a career on the backs of insurance brokers.
Spitzer, a Democrat, had faced intense pressure to resign and impeachment threats from Republicans since the New York Times reported that he was caught on a federal wiretap arranging to meet a prostitute.