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Alexander, Austrian anatomist, 1868-1943. See: Spitzer theory.
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The galaxy photographed by Spitzer has been identified as (https://www.nasa.gov/sites/default/files/thumbnails/image/pia23129-16.jpg) NGC 5866 .
To peer back in time to the era just before the Epoch of Reionisation ended, Spitzer stared at two regions of the sky for more than 200 hours each, allowing the space telescope to collect light that had travelled for more than 13 billion years to reach us.
New Spitzer data show that one side of the planet is much hotter than the other -- which could be explained by a possible presence of lava pools.
"[I] said, 'Hey, we talked about our sexual issue on the floor,'" Spitzer, a doctor, recently recounted from his office at Presbyterian Hospital of Kaufman.
"We've got our footings in the ground; we've got our plans approved," said Spitzer in regards to the three towers his company will be building at 420-430 Kent Avenue.
One Spitzer comment cited in the court filing was made to a legal newspaper in 2012, saying AIG was run "in a corrupt way," said a copy of the lawsuit filed in a New York state court and posted on the Fox Business website.
Spitzer's infrared observations are allowing researchers to map the shape of the galaxy and its warp with the most precision yet.
Spitzer's formal apology will be published in The Archives of Sexual Behavior, the academic journal in which the study first appeared.
Spitzer admits that his book could not have been written before 2003 when physicists Arvind Borde, Alan Guth, and Alexander Vilenkin established that any possible inflationary model of the universe must be temporally grounded in a singularity.
With Eliot Spitzer, Ken Langone, Roger Stone, Hank Greenberg, Frank Bruno, Wrenn Schmidt.
Rough Justice: The Rise and Fall of Eliot Spitzer. By Peter Elkind.
NEW YORK, April 25 -- A much-anticipated documentary about former New York governor Eliot Spitzer premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival.