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Maulana Ahmad al-Din of Jarar Pahor, a well-known spiritual master having great following throughout Sindh and a reputed scholar of Sindh, studied under al-Udvi at Garhi Hasan.
Similarly, the spiritual master of William Blake also seems to perform the role of inspirational figure for poetic creation at one side and gives his name for the title of Blake's one of the major prophetic poems 'Milton'.
Until the spiritual master has completed the transference of consciousness, the corpse must not be touched or moved in any way, otherwise the conscious-ness may leave the body at the place it is touched.
The musician, who has been honoured as a great Yogi and spiritual master in India, brought his teachings to the city which promotes respect for all religions and religious beliefs.
Isaac Tigrett started the Hard Rock Cafe at 22, then followed that hugely successful Act 1 of his life by founding the House of Blues, another sterling marriage of music and food and zeitgeist over which he presided until something of a palace coup left him pondering the future at the foot of his spiritual master in India.
This ongoing relationship of the disciple and the true spiritual master -- I am not speaking here of the false masters who travel all over the world -- is essential.
In both tales Ba echoes the teachings of his spiritual master Tierno Bokar, who emphasized the importance of sacrifice: "La vie s'appelle lacher.
Although Catholic and non-Catholic philosophers, and even different schools of Catholic philosophy, must regard Aquinas the spiritual master in different ways, this presentation of his thought as the expression of a personal search for spiritual wisdom provides philosophers of various persuasions with the starting-point for a fruitful and historically informed reconsideration of his writings.
She aptly named her business Saffron Plates-to pay tribute to her spiritual master Swami Swaroopananda (particularly alluding to his saffron-colored robes).
Swami Bhoomananda Tirtha, a renowned spiritual master and teacher of Vedanta from India for more than five decades is the inspiration and guide for CIRD locations worldwide.
Awaken Your Third Eye: How Accessing Your Sixth Sense Can Help You Find Knowledge, Illumination, and Intuition is new age spiritual thinking at its best, and comes from an author who has practiced meditation and other spiritual disciplines for nearly fifty years, working under an enlightened spiritual master from India and teaching, herself.
is like a spiritual master presenting a series of reflections on a similar theme from multiple standpoints.