Spirit Guide

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The spirit or non-material entity of a physician from another plane of existence, who allegedly speaks through a psychic—or spiritualhealer—on this plane, and provides him/her with the information needed to treat patients
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Touching on the power of crystals, the ability to communicate with animal spirit guides, and internal trips to higher realms, this is a guide to everything mystical.
Says spirit guide Bear to Crow, "We're moving in the right direction, but we still have a long way to go."
SPIRIT GUIDE J Duffield has high hopes for Jessie's Spirit
Its Hope Street tour, on which a costumed spirit guide leads an unwitting party around the area's scariest haunts, has some special hosts this weekend.
I HAVE been trying to connectWith my spirit guide and have been asking questions such as "who are you, how do I know there is anyone with me and please show yourself to me".
The most memorable stage presence was Katzie First Nations Elder Willie Pierre as Shxwla:m, the Spirit Guide to Rose and lyalwes.
In the author's note, the reader discovers the difference between the traditional use of the word totem--a unifying clan symbol passed down through family lines--and the looser contemporary use of the word as an animal spirit guide gifted to an individual from the creator.
Long revered by Hawaiians as a spirit guide, the alala has disappeared from the wild.
The prayers and instructions offered in this book explain how to let the Spirit guide you in choosing the fabrics, how to make a "cheater quilt," the meanings of colours, quilt symbols, how to involve people, and 12 pages of prayers.
His tale revolves around the 'alala bird, a species related to ravens and held sacred by native Hawaiians as a spirit guide to the afterlife.
Sylvia Browne's Contacting Your Spirit Guide (1401905323, $17.95) appears in a newly revised edition which adds a new section on 'A Day in the Life of a Spirit Guide' and includes a free meditation cd along with its classic survey of locating spirit guides and learning how to recognize and use them.