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Pier G., Italian gynecologist, 1862-1929. See: Spinelli operation.
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He is represented by Spinello Projects and is co-founder of project space PRIMARY.
Spinello notes that "Wojtyia's philosophy of freedom remains faithful to Thomism, but goes beyond Thomism by carefully exploring the subjective, lived experience of freedom," and it is this grounding in Thomism combined with "his limited openness to contemporary philosophy, especially phenomenological realism" that Spinello finds to establish a promising direction for Catholic philosophy.
John Spinello of Rowley, previously of Wakefield, has been appointed Chairman of the Board of Directors at The Savings Bank in Wakefield.
Spinello (Boston College) looks at everything from spam to Facebook, along with Chinese actions that make a search for Falun Gong fruitless, however the book is most appropriate for use in the U.
Spinello is a 246 page compendium that is methodically organized and presented in six major chapters: The Internet and Ethical Values; Regulating and Governing the Internet; Free Speech and Content Controls in Cyberspace; Intellectual Property in Cyberspace; Regulating Internet Privacy; and Securing the Frontier.
Libano (Emiliano Giuliani) vuole chiamarsi come lo spinello che fuma e
Spinello (2000) argues that organizational learning and knowledge sharing are intimately connected with each other.
Spinello (ethics, social issues in management, and corporate strategy, Boston College) steps up to the challenge with this fourth edition, offering college-level students and professionals a clear presentation of ethical and legal issues and social problems that arise with the use of the internet.
He only handles the very best pictures--a recent example is the Lorenzo Monaco Annunciation that was in the famous Belgian collection of Alphonse Stoclet (the Stoclet Madonna and Child by Duccio di Buoninsegna, the last painting by this great early Sienese artist in private hands, was bought by the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, in 2004 for a reported $45m)--and currently has 'a couple of very beautiful Spinello Aretino gold grounds'.
It was hugely popular as far back as 1965 when it was invented by John Spinello and made by Milton Bradley.
Spinello, R (2002), Regulating Cyberspace: The Policies and Technologies of Control (U.